Post-Apocalyptic Nutrition

If you’re not a prepper then you probably haven’t stocked a bunker with canned, bottled, dehydrated, smoked and pickled foods. You also probably haven’t stocked up on guns and ammo to defend your food stores. So how are you going to feed yourself when the apocalypse comes? via Post-Apocalyptic Nutrition — Melissa Jane Ferguson (Author) Advertisements

Omega-3 Supplements: Are they worth it

Omega-3 Supplements: Are they worth it? The health claims for Omega-3s cover everything from preventing heart disease, easing the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, reducing depression and aiding brain development. So is this just another expensive supplement that, if we’re eating well, we don’t really need? What are Omega-3s exactly? Omega-3s, along with Omega-6s, are fatty…