About Melissa

2013-08-10 21.40.20 I love to cook, create, eat and learn. I’m a mother of two fussy eaters (one with allergies and food intolerances), cancer-fighting research scientist and a Master of Human Nutrition student. I live in Geelong, Australia and grew up in Melbourne. I’ve started this blog to share my love of food, nutrition information I pick up along the way and my kitchen adventures.


10 thoughts on “About Melissa

  1. Hi Melissa, thanks for taking the time to read, like my Orange and Apricot Tray Bake recipe, and also to follow my blog. I loved your recipe for Wholemeal Crumpets! Also I notice you grew up in Melbourne. I’ve family there and have visit twice. I especially like the Blue Mountains where I have been lucky enough to do lots of walking. Thanks again!

    • Hi Neil,
      No problem. It’s always great to find a quality blog with similar interests and great food. Thank you for taking an interest in my blog!

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