Pressure-Cooked Risotto Perfection

I’ve been making risotto for many years. So many years that it makes me feel old just thinking about it. Anyway for most of those years I’ve done it the traditional way- standing in front of the pot for about 40 minutes slowly adding stock and continually stirring. Since having children I don’t have as much time to enjoy in the kitchen, so risotto was off the menu for a while. I tried to bring it back by doing a baked risotto, but I found the results inconsistent and sometimes gluggy. I also tried using my ThermoChef, but the texture wasn’t quite right. Then I bought a pressure cooker and found some instruction for cooking rice and adapted that to make risotto. While it is slightly less creamy than a traditionally made risotto I actually prefer the texture and this method is so quick and works perfectly every time. You can use this basic recipe and adapt it to any kind of risotto you want. I typically make a vegetarian risotto with roasted veggies. This method uses an electric pressure cooker, but I’m sure it could be adapted to a stove-top pressure cooker.

Basic Ingredients (for two very hungry people or up to four as a side dish):

1 cup arborio rice

3 cups stock of choice

1 large brown onion

2 tbsp olive oil

2 cloves garlic

Generous splash of white wine

grated parmesan and pepper to serve



Fry onions and garlic in olive oil using browning setting on pressure cooker. Once onions are soft add rice and stir for about a minute. Add splash of white wine and stir for another minute. Add stock and any other risotto ingredients (I used roast pumpkin, chopped spinach, roasted mushrooms and 1/3 can drained and rinsed cannelini beans). Close lid of pressure cook and set on high-pressure for 6 mins. Once finished cooking release the pressure and then stir through parmesan cheese (I also stirred through some fresh tomatoes at this stage as we had a glut of them from my mother-in-laws garden- her garden also provided the pumpkin and spinach!). Season with pepper then serve and enjoy.

risotto3The roast pumpkin pretty much disintegrated in the risotto, which was delicious, but gave it an orange tinge that looks quite unappetizing in a photograph!

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