Blackberries and Home-Made Vanilla and Cinnamon Ice-Cream

It’s berry season here in Victoria. At the moment my favourite green grocer Geelong Fresh Foods has 500g containers of blackberries. We are going through about three of these per week at my house. I figure they are only good for a short time, so we are making the most of it. I think the best way to have to have them is with ice-cream. I wanted real ice-cream though, made from milk and cream.


Below is a very simple ice-cream recipe. I didn’t want to mess around with a custard base. I don’t like things very sweet so there isn’t a lot of sugar in this recipe. Some people could easily double the amount of sugar and find that more to their taste. I do think though that your taste buds adjust to a reduction in sugar and after a while you don’t miss it. People are always looking for substitutes for sugar when it would be a lot healthier and simpler if they just reduced the existing sugar in their diet. I’ve actually eaten these blackberries with a commercial ice-cream and found that the over-the-top sweetness of the ice-cream overpowered the flavour of the blackberries.


2 cups thickened cream

1 cup whole milk

1/3 cup brown sugar (increase if this is not sweet enough for you)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp cinnamon


Whisk ingredients together and chill in freezer for 1 hour.

Churn in ice-cream machine according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Enjoy with seasonal fruit such as blackberries.


2 thoughts on “Blackberries and Home-Made Vanilla and Cinnamon Ice-Cream

  1. This sounds delicious Melissa. We are deep into winter here in Scotland and blackberries are long forgotten – well except the ones I was cunning enough to freeze and which taste just as good as the day I picked them! Thank you for following my blog Vohn’s Vittles – you are most welcome! Vohn x

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