Dexter’s oat and banana pancakes

2013-10-05 09.50.08

My son loves pancakes. Since I’m always looking for ways to make food more nutritious for my kids I devised these pancakes (although I’m sure I got the idea to use oats for flour from other recipes I’d read–I just can’t remember which) and they’ve become a firm weekend favourite.


1 cup rolled oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp bicarb soda

pinch of salt

1 mashed banana (I keep ripe bananas in the freezer for recipes such as this)

2/3 cup of milk of choice (I use oat milk)

1 egg

2013-10-05 09.47.54


Place dry ingredients in food processor and pulse until the rolled oats have become oat flour.

Add wet ingredients and pulse again, until the  mixture is smooth.

Fry in a little olive oil till bubbles appear on top.

Be careful getting the spatula underneath to flip the pancake as they are more fragile than pancakes made with flour (after a couple you do get a feel for them).

Cook on other side until nicely browned (they do tend to be browner than pancakes made with flour)

Serve with toppings of choice2013-10-05 09.50.28


14 thoughts on “Dexter’s oat and banana pancakes

  1. Love that you give the blender a workout rather than your arm for this recipe! I have seen a couple of recipes now too that blend oats to make a flour – I think I am going to have to give it a try too.

    • Yes, I love my blender. It lives on the kitchen bench and I use it all the time. I haven’t used oat flour in anything else yet, but I think I’ll have to experiment with it a bit more too.

  2. Great idea:) Will give them a go as I always have oats in the cupboard! Really liked your post on the alkaline diet too and glad to be following your blog. Hope you’ve finished university for the year and are enjoying a well deserved break from study. Best wishes, Jade

  3. Just made your pancakes and I’m actually eating them as I write this! Yum:) Was really easy and loved how it was all done in the food processor. I was out of bananas but they still worked beautifully and I’ve now topped them with blueberries, ricotta and honey. I’ll add bananas to the mix next time though as I can imagine it adds a hint of sweetness.

    • That’s fantastic! The bananas do add a little extra flavour and sweetness. Unlike many pancake recipes there is no sugar in this recipe, but I find that people usually put syrup or honey or something else sweet on their pancakes anyway. The recipe could also be made with a tablespoon of honey for those who like a little extra sweetness.

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