Roam Cafe– The most important ingredient is love

My son loves my cooking (especially my baking). He’s naïve enough to believe that I’m the best cook in the world. I always tell him that the most important ingredient in any recipe is love. I know it’s cheesy, but it makes him smile.

Potted herbs

Potted herbs

Roam café at 199 Ryrie street, Geelong has that most important ingredient in abundance.

Interior of Roam

Interior of Roam

Roam is a small, but light and airy space with a handful of tables, an open kitchen behind the counter and artistic flourishes ornamenting the walls. Mia (owner, chef, baker, barista, waitress, cashier, artist, decorator and manager) brings love to every dish she devises, creates and serves to her loyal regulars (most of whom she knows by name).

Mia's cookbooks

Mia’s cookbooks

Hand-written Spring menu

Hand-written Spring menu

Here is an excerpt from Roam’s Facebook page:

Roam story 3
About Mia learns living alone with Roam.
Half year ago, my mind is alway busy, it is hard to be myself, I alway find I need to do something to keep busy, but now I think I found the beauty of living alone, my mind has been calmed for a while.

8 am open the cafe, first thing is making my latte and cooking my breaky, reading the news, making a preparation list for the day.
There aren’t much customers during the morning, Roam is only mine before 11am, background is my favorite music, sometimes I read, sometimes I practice the calligraphy, or just watch the people on the street.

12pm lunch crowd come, I almost know everyone, half of them I know their name and their favourite meal, rest of them I know their smile. Sometimes the service is busy , sometime quiet, I feel I running a show in its own rhythm, my customers are my audiences.

3pm closing time, it is lunch time of a cook. Roam is back to mine again.

Still I believe that the fate brings everyone to Roam,to me.

Mia's one-woman show

Mia’s one-woman show

Roam has become one of my favourite places in Geelong and I hope Mia continues to run her one woman show for a long time.

Handmade egg pasta

Handmade egg pasta

Menu board

Menu board

Barbecue pork wrap

Barbecue pork wrap


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